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February 10 2013


Bshs 471

Bshs471 - The purpose of this paper is to focus on the new trends happening within the crises intervention field. This will be examined by looking into the historical developing of crises intervention. Then by examining two future trends within the field and what changes that may result from these new trends.

Bshs 471 - On September 9/11 of 2001 a horrible act of terrorism may it way in to the lives of every American and change many lives every since. In the 2005, a Hurricane named Katrina brought with it a massive force of destruction, once again change the live of many within the country. These events brought new meaning to crises intervention in the United States. In this paper, the topics being discussed our not the horrible events of 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina, but on highlighting crises interventions and future trends of crises intervention. The discussion will include brief sections that describing what is crises intervention, to the historical development of crises intervention, and discussing two future trends facing crises intervention. Plus brief personal look into it as well.

Cja484 - Crisis intervention is described as emergency psychological care. This type of care is for individuals that have been in a crises situation or experience. The emergency care is intended to restore the individual’s psyche, and help avoid psychological trauma.

Cja 484 - Because individuals lack the coping skills when of a crisis event occurs, it is of great importance to counsel these crises survivors early on rather than later. Crisis intervention is Crisis intervention has had a rich history of development throughout the years. From the early beginnings of the work of Erich Lindemann, and his published article of 101 grief stricken reactions of subjects regarding family and friends deaths of WWII and the fire at a nightclub in Boston, Massachusetts

Bshs 471
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